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Profile of Bobbie Gilbreath

Bobbie Gilbreath is the National Outreach Coordinator for the Foundation for Financial Education, one of the largest and fastest growing 501(c)(3) nonprofits in the country.

Bobbie brings with her a degree in business management as well as a strong desire to help others. Her previous experience covers the gamut from several years in the health and wellness industry to leading a national marketing organization in her native Houston, TX in record-breaking productivity. She is motivated to impact the fundamental way that the public receives financial education and is committed to ensuring resources will be available to everyone in need. One of Bobbie’s primary responsibilities is to recruit, train and provide continuing education for the Certified Educational Consultants (CEC) across the country.

Bobbie’s volunteer interests include the Big Sister program, the YMCA and the Girl Scouts of America. She also has a passion for fashion, travel, and sailing. As a recent transplant in Chicago, IL when not representing F3E, Bobbie enjoys exploring the city, live music, and volunteering.

Bobbie Gilbreath

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