Report a Certified Financial Consultant

The Foundation for Financial Education has developed a disciplinary process for Certified Financial Consultants to ensure: 


Delivery of the Highest Standard for Financial Education


Protection for the Public from Financial Misinformation


Guidance through Education not Sales Pitches


Maintenance of Appropriate Records to Support Recommendations

If you would like to express a complaint, please click the button on the bottom of the page. 


Please report your complaint in as much detail as possible. The Foundation for Financial Education will request additional information if needed and may request a personal interview if it appears necessary. Please be assured that your grievance will be investigated vigorously and impartially.

The Foundation for Financial Education investigates all complaints and will determine whether allegations are justified and whether the conduct warrants disciplinary action.

Disciplinary Process

  • Retraining and retesting to ensure highest level of service
  • Removal of Designation and association with nonprofit
  • Other appropriate discipline

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