Workshop Topics

A Golden Opportunity to Roth Convert and Rebalance

  • COVID-19 has created a massive tax opportunity we haven’t seen in decades!
  • Engage in a candid 1-on-1 with the area’s foremost Roth Conversion Practitioner
  • Discover the silver lining following Market Corrections
  • Uncover Top Secrets that Wall Street doesn’t want you to know

How an Election and Politics Will Affect Your Retirement Plans

  • What are the biggest risks to the financial markets due to election 2020?
  • Is your retirement account ready for the outcome of the election?
  • How a new administration could cause a major course change in your retirement?
  • How to insulate your retirement planning from the 2020 election

Financial Planning in COVID Times

  • Budgeting for change
  • Retirement horizons
  • TSP planning
  • Benefit planning
  • Exit strategies

How COVID-19 is Changing Estate Planning Forever

  • Learn how the rules of the game have changed
  • Uncover the new normal with planning your retirement
  • Taxes now? Taxes later? Find out how to avoid tax pitfalls
  • Reduce your chances of running out of money with this one powerful tool

Investing 101 Post COVID-19

  • Why we may want to reconsider our investments due to COVID-19
  • How to maximize your returns while minimizing risk
  • Planning for your goals and getting out of debt before you retire
  • Keeping more of your money in your own pocket by reducing taxes and fees

Is Your Social Security at Risk from COVID-19?

  • Find out the answer to the BIG question: Is Social Security at risk from the Coronavirus?
  • Engage in a candid 1-on-1 with one of the industry’s foremost Social Security experts
  • Learn how to maximize your Social Security benefits
  • Uncover the three most common mistakes when filing Social Security that could cost you tens of thousands!

Protect Your Estate From COVID-19

  • Where are these two trillion dollars coming from anyway?
  • Learn the historical effect of taxes and inflation on retirement
  • Discover how to protect your estate from running out of money in retirement
  • Find out how to avoid the unintended consequences of poor planning

Retirement Planning in the Aftermath of a Pandemic

  • Keep your retirement accounts safe from a pandemic
  • Uncover key strategies to tax shelter your retirement from the government
  • Learn how to plan for taxes and inflation increasing after multi-trillion dollar government bailouts
  • Consider changing your mindset on Social Security and estate planning strategies in an unknown future

Retirement Planning for Federal Employees in the Aftermath of a Pandemic

  • What retirement changes to expect and what to do next
  •  Key tax sheltering strategies and how to develop plan for the post-COVID-19 market changes.
  • MRA calculations, TSP income options, maximum pension, Social Security, and insurance

10 Steps to Financial Freedom

  • Find your “money view”
  • How to create a budget
  • How to get out of debt
  • Creating an abundance mentality
  • Saving & investing

Advanced Social Security Planning

  • How cost-of-living adjustments affect your Social Security
  • Breakeven analysis: should you collect at age 62, 66, or 70?
  • How to collect IRAs & let your Social Security grow 8% per year
  • Delayed retirement credits: guaranteed 8% for 4 or 8 years
  • Lack of exit strategy

Breaking Down the SECURE Act

  • Understanding the basics of the SECURE Act
  • How to use the SECURE Act to your utmost advantage
  • What does this mean for stretch IRAs and small businesses?
  • Learn the pros and cons and how they affect you

Budgeting, Relationships, and Life Events

  • Creating financial wellness
  • Financial wellness growth opportunities
  • 4 crucial financial issues to discuss in relationships
  • Life events that change financial plans and how to handle them

Charitable Trust & Tax Planning Best Kept Secrets

  • An introductory course for charitable trusts
  • Learn key differences between tax avoidance vs tax deferral
  • Uncover the secrets to tax harvesting
  • Understand three pivotal ways to do a Roth conversion

College Planning 101

  • The M.Y.T.H. about financial aid
  • Sources of money
  • Need-based vs. non need-based
  • College funding vs. financial planning
  • Advice
  • The reward

Estate Planning

  • Dealing with death & estate taxes
  • Wills & trusts
  • Probate & your estate
  • Choosing an executor
  • Lifetime giving exclusion
  • Unlimited marital deduction
  • Tax-free inheritance

Federal Benefits 101

  • Why & what federal employees need to plan for
  • Basic options for insurance
  • How to calculate my pension
  • Retirement eligibility guidelines
  • Common mistakes made in the TSP

Federal Benefits Best Kept Secrets

  • ChFEBC advisor
  • What tax bracket will I be in at retirement?
  • What makes us so special?
  • The rules of the game
  • Exit strategies
  • Free insurance
  • TSP, catch-up, & loans

Federal Insurance Programs Unraveled

  • Medicare
  • Medicaid
  • Social Security supplement

Federal Leave & Earnings Statements

  • How to interpret your statement line by line
  • Selecting the proper options for benefits
  • Managing your tax witholdings
  • Where does all my money go?
  • Hidden opportunities within your paycheck
  • Disability & social security

Financial Fitness

  • Cash flow management
  • Basics of tax planning
  • Creating a financial road map
  • Introduction to estate planning
  • Overcoming obstacles to creating wealth
  • Maximum savings & investment plans

Financial Pitfalls

  • Lack of plan or inadequate plan
  • Improper debt management
  • Lack of estate plan
  • Lack of tax planning strategy
  • Buying advice over the internet
  • Lack of exit strategy

Financial Planning in Uncertain Times

  • Budgeting for change
  • Retirement horizons
  • TSP planning
  • Benefit planning
  • Exit strategies

Financial Protection After a Security Breach

  • Warning signs that your identity has been stolen
  • What to do if it happens to you
  • Protecting your identity
  • The difference between credit freeze & fraud alert

Financial Transitions

  • Reasons for career/job transitions
  • Placement resources
  • Can I, or when can I, retire?
  • Lining up your benefits/insurance options
  • Choosing new benefits (weighing the options)
  • Rolling over your 401k -vs- leaving it at your old employer
  • Taking control & ownership of your finances
  • Understanding your retirement plans & what they are worth

Holiday Spending

  • Setting expectations
  • Budgeting
  • Building a naughty or nice list
  • Hidden holiday costs
  • Best practices when spending

Improving Your Credit

  • Why is credit so important anyway?
  • Understanding your FICO
  • Credit restoration
  • Debt rebalancing
  • Key steps to rebuilding your credit
  • Repairing credit after bankruptcy

Introduction to Real Estate

  • Understanding mortgage options
  • Location, location, location
  • Real estate as an investment
  • VA/FHA programs
  • Tax benefits
  • First-time home buying

IRA, TSP, & 401(k) Rollovers

  • Consolidating assets
  • IRS section 525
  • Accessing your retirement accounts for current needs
  • Saving & Avoiding taxes
  • Leaving IRA’s behind
  • Stretch IRA’s

Maximizing Your Financial Plan

  • Macro manager
  • Financial Planner
  • Common financial myths
  • The rules of the game are changing
  • Exit Strategies
  • Where do we go from here?

Medicare Basics

  • Medicare Part A
  • Different plans/supplements that are available
  • Individual part coverage
  • How to navigate Medicare Part D
  • Financial responsibility under Medicare

Mitigating the Cost of Long-Term Care

  •  LTC by the numbers
  • Federal LTC program
  • Activities of daily living
  • Qualifying for low/no-cost coverage
  • LTC insurance alternatives
  • Medicaid planning
  • LTC during retirement

Mortgage & Real Estate Opportunities

  • Managing investment properties
  • Leverage in real estate
  • Buying opportunity in a down market
  • Buying vacation and retirement homes
  • REOs, foreclosures, and short sales
  • Real estate inside your IRA

Planned Giving

  • One-time gifts vs ongoing gifts
  • Tax ramifications to families & estates
  • Using charitable trusts or charitable strategies for planned giving
  • Leaving a planned giving legacy
  • Benefits to you & your family

Pre-Retirement Planning for Federal Employees

  • States that don’t tax federal pensions
  • Jumpstart survivor benefits
  • How to calculate FERS/CSRS pension benefits
  • ROTH & catch-up TSP
  • Health insurance for spouse & family
  • Social Security windfall elimination, supplement, & integration

Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program

  • How to qualify for the PSLF Program
  • How to apply
  • What is qualifying employment?
  • The types of Federal loans that qualify for PSLF

Retirement Planning

  • How not to outlive your money
  • Running the retirement marathon
  • How taxes and inflation impact retirement
  • Exit strategies
  • RMDs
  • Stretch IRAs
  • Long-term care considerations

Retirement Planning for Federal Employees

  • Where & when to retire
  • MRA calculations
  • TSP income options
  • Pension maximum
  • When to draw Social Security
  • Health insurance vs. Medicare
  • Federal Long-Term Care Insurance

Social Security 101

  • Understanding the basics of Social Security
  • How to optimize your benefits
  • Advantages of applying after full retirement age
  • How are your benefits calculated?
  • How cost-of-living adjustments affect your Social Security

Stock Market Crashes for Dummies

  • Understanding market corrections
  • What triggers a market correction?
  • What to do during market volatility
  • Consult with a professional
  • Find the silver lining
  • Stock market math

Strategic Allocation

  • Planning your wealth for interest rate fluctuation, inflation, market volatility, & taxes
  • Using strategic allocations to meet your financial goals
  • Tax-Free, lifetime stream of income
  • COLA income

Taxes & The IRS

  • Where do our taxes go?
  • Do I need a tax advisor?
  • Tax avoidance
  • Tax-free savings
  • Tax-deferral vs. tax-deductibe vs. tax-free
  • Why you shouldn’t wait to get your refund

Understanding Your TSP

  • Eligibility &  limits
  • Allocation options
  • Roth vs. traditional
  • When rollovers & loans make sense
  • Retirement distributions



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