Nathan Towers

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Nathan Towers is the Volunteer Educator for the Arizona Regional Team for the Foundation for Financial Education, one of the largest and fastest growing 501(c)(3) nonprofits in the country.

Nathan Towers believes that the world of finance has no shortage of people who will sell you anything to make a buck, and as a result millions of people nearing or in retirement who experience significant stress at best and outright financial trauma at worst. Under these circumstances it’s not uncommon for lives to unravel. Nathan’s great passion is bringing financial healing and confidence to those who have been through the financial gauntlet, and also educating those who may not even realize they have a problem. He truly enjoy’s helping his clients to create healthy perceptions of their retirement situation and strengthen their financial picture so that they can themselves be at peace and feel confident in their future.

No single approach is right for everyone, but there is a track to success through financial truth and education, which Nathan brings to the table for every client he works with. Having been trained in a variety of financial concepts and strategies for over a decade, he has a myriad of solutions to help individuals get back on track with the most successful retirement plan possible.

Nathan’s collegiate educational focus was on marketing and computer arts, with a passion for political science, accounting and finance. This may seem like a strange combination, but in reality it gave him a unique perspective on financial topics through a creative lens and helps him to see through and bypass the traditional junk planning the financial industry has no shortage of.

In his free time, Nathan enjoy spending time with his wife and four children, reading new and interesting books, volunteering at church, meditating while cycling, and being outdoors (and let’s be honest – the occasional Netflix binge).

Nathan Towers

Volunteer Educator for the Arizona Regional Team
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